6 Travel Tips and Reasonably Priced Destinations

Here are six destination vacations that, along with the six travel tips, are reasonably priced.  The two lines of thought must be taken together, as transportation expenses to all of these destinations would break the bank.  This is great information for anyone looking to get out of the country.

Of course, applying these same travel tips to destination vacations within your own country, is a way to save even more money.  The U.S., as with most countries, has a lot of variety, culture and excitement if you look for it.  Sure, climbing Inca pyramids is exciting, but the U.S. has its own pyramids.  Consider traveling to one of these or, let these idea inspire your own creativity:

  • Ames Monument in Albany County, Wyoming
    • Afterwards ski or hike The Snowy Range, see a game at The University Wyoming, visit Wyoming’s many museums or climb, hike, bike or simply site see Vedauwoo
  • Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas
    • Afterwards spend time on Galveston Islands 32 miles of gulf beaches
  • The Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City, New York
    • Afterwards see an Off Broadway Show, visit NYC’s many museums and art galleries (preferably going on a “free day” or finding discounts online)
  • Pyramid Arena in Mephis, Tennessee
    • Afterwards explore Memphis’s amazing music and culinary scene
  • Summum Pyramid in Salt Lake City, Utah
    • Afterwards visit the dinosaur exhibit at Thanksgiving Point and the Clark Planetarium
  • The Transamerica building in San Francisco, Califlornia
    • Afterwards, site-see and walk The Wharf, rent bikes and ride them across the San Francisco Bridge and ride the Cable Cars for less than $9
  • Walter Pyramid on the California State University Campus in Long Beach, Califlornia
    • Afterwards, visit The Aquarium of the Pacific and play volleyball on the beach
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