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Why You Must Socialize Your Debt Free Commitment

  April 5, 2018  |    #Eliminate Debt

The debt free commitment

Everyone who’s gone from drowning in debt to becoming debt free has had that moment. If you’ve had it, you know it. That moment when you make the debt free commitment because “I just can’t take it anymore!” That’s the moment you want to sign this exclusive contract with your best friend.

That debt free commitment moment

If you haven’t had this moment and are drowning in debt, you will. It’s that deep down, heartfelt knowing that this is enough. It’s that moment when your body and mind converge to change.

Ours came one Sunday evening when we were sitting on the dining room floor or our dark, dank basement apartment wondering why we weren’t as successful as we wanted or hoped to be. We had just admitted to each other how much credit card debt we each had, a grand total of $51,000. We were living naively, unconsciously and fabulously broke.

We were fed up! D.O.N.E.

What happened was more than a New Year’s resolution. It was a mental and physical shift to change. But, how do you stay committed to the change long after you’ve made the change, long enough to see the results of your change?

Staying committed to your debt free commitment

How do you stay committed when the high is gone? How do you stay committed when it’s hard? How do you stay committed when you’re tired?

Socialize your debt free commitment.

On Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we socialize everything today from the food we’re about to eat at our favorite restaurant to the vacation we’re on with our besties. Show a little honesty and share how you’re committed to becoming debt free with this Commitment Contract.


The reason to socialize your debt free commitment is to hold yourself accountable. When the dopamine leaves you, your commitment will be reinforced by your friends, family and coworkers holding you accountable.

Tell at least someone your financial goal. Don’t be ashamed of it. Own it because they likely need to be inspired by you, and your success means their success.

We’re so committed to socializing our own goal and so committed to you socializing your goals, we made this super easy for you. Click here to get our one-of-a-kind Commitment Contract.

Click it, print it, sign it and have someone witness it. It’s the only way to achieve it!

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