Visualize and Socialize Your Debt Free Commitment

Nearly every person, couple or family that has ever gone from drowning in debt to becoming debt free has had that moment. If you’ve had it, you know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t, you will. It’s that deep down, heartfelt epiphany that this is enough. “I/we can’t take it anymore!” It’s that moment when your body and mind converge to make the change. Until you’ve had that moment, it’s unlikely that you’re truly on the road to financial independence and debt free living.

Ours came one Friday evening when we were sitting at home, wanting to go out, and wondering where all our money was. Why did we have so little money? It was then that we did a study of what we were making and what we were spending. We discovered that we had $51k in credit card debt. All of our income was going towards paying off our past.

What happens in that moment of clarity? Why does it happen and why does it help? It’s all about commitment. When your body and mind says it’s time, there is a mental and physical shift inside that makes it happen. For some, this can be short lived. For some, it’s like a New Year’s Resolution that, by the first week of February, has been dropped like the weights at the gym.

How do you keep the commitment going? How do you make it last?

The keys to success are the two “I-Z-E”s: visualize and socialize. Think about it. If you regularly see a nice car or pair of shoes you want, what happens? You think about them. You dwell on them. You want them even more. Apply this strategy to paying off your debt. Visualize paying off your debt.  Visualize sending that last check to your credit card. By making it something you see regularly, you keep the motivation alive.

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How do you socialize paying off your debt? What does that involve? These days, we use social media. Facebook, Twitter or SnapChat are ways to socialize your ideas, thoughts, and words to the people you know and care about and who feel the same about you.  Do this with your desire to be debt free.

Tell someone. Why? So you have a champion, a cheerleader and a shoulder. You Facebook or Tweet every other aspect of your life. Do it about your debt. Tell people your goal. Don’t be ashamed. Own it. Be strong and show that you have the courage to make the debt free commitment. Motivate others who are in the same situation and want to be on your path to financial success!

Need help getting started? We made it easy for you. Click here to the Debt Free Guy’s Commitment Contract. We encourage you to print it, sign it in front of a witness and post it on your site of choice, Twitter, Facebook or a blog. Email your city and name to [email protected] and we’ll add you (not including your email address) to the growing list of those committed to debt free living.

We would wish you luck, but you don’t need it. You’re making the commitment. You already have what it takes to succeed.

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