Cable Cord Cutting Calculator

Cable Cord Cutting, is it Time?

Say that five times fast!

 MarketWatch created a cable cord cutting calculator, which is pretty cool.  Use it to see how cancelling your cable subscription will impact you.  With options such as Hulu, Netflix, Apple TV, Red Box and streaming from your laptop to your TV with an HDMI cable, there’s hardly a reason to keep cable.

We canceled ours years ago and haven’t really missed it.  Except for the occasional college football game, we see everything we want.  If a game is that important, we’ll hit a bar or a friend’s house.  Most visits to the bar come no where near as much as our old monthly cable bill.

Cut this expense and put the extra money towards your debt.  The average monthly cable bill is $90.  Some are higher and some are lower.  Even saving $90 a month means an additional $1060 to put towards debt or other financial goals after deducting for Hulu and Netflix combined.

We have been doing this for roughly 4 years now and we figure we have saved about $65 a month since then. What would you do with $3100? That’s right. We spend $17 a month on Netflix streaming and Hulu Plus combined for our entertainment. Our cable bill was running about $80 a month. So we have racked up over $3,000 in savings in 4 years.

Check out the video here: How I Turned $100 into Over $3,000

Do you have any other suggestions for cutting the cable cord? What choices have you switched to for entertainment? Where have you put your extra savings?


But how do I get my sports you ask? There are a few suggestions out there now for streaming live sports. One of the most recent is Sling TV, which allows you to get several ESPN channels. So, if you can’t live without the live sports, but still want to ensure a better financial future for your family, check it out and save a bundle.

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