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Will a Little Competition Save Your Budget?

  November 30, 2013  |    #Eliminate Debt

It is the time of year that many spend time with friends and family and enjoy some holiday cheer. For many businesses, this is the time of the year they go from being in the red to being in the black or finally turning a profit. Why is this so? It is due to the amount of money we spend on friends and family, often without consciously thinking about it. It really isn’t until January or sometimes even February that we realize how much we have spent to keep the holiday cheer flowing.

Throwing parties, going out to dinner, to the movies, shopping with family and friends, these are all things that can be budget killers this time of year. How can you guard yourself and your family from the financial wreck that can broadside you? Putting a little forethought into your holiday plans and figuring out ways to enjoy your time with others without breaking the bank is our best advice.

If you really want to spend time with others, then do exactly that, but do it in a cost free environment. Currently our favorite is spending an evening at home with a group of friends playing games. Sure we throw in a box of wine and a few appetizers, but everyone is pitching in. It is not a fancy affair with a few $30 bottles of wine and gourmet bites, but rather a few simple food trays, such as a veggie platter with humus or ranch dip, sliced French bread with some olive oil for dipping, a moderately priced block of cheese and some fruit.

The real fun is the games. Most recently we were introduced to Cards Against Humanity, which you can download for free. Below are a few other games that we have enjoyed:

  • Catch Phrase
  • Phase 10
  • Left-Right-Center
  • Rummy
  • Rummikub

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