7 Vintage Money Saving Tips

Here’s a list of 7 “vintage” money savings tips.  Some of these are quite fun, actually.  We mostly buy whole chicken because of the savings benefit and the ability to use most of the parts.  The bones are great for making soup stock.  We, also, reuse our sandwich and other bags, tinfoil and tea bags.  They go a long way and the savings add up.  We’ve never done canning and jarring, but want to and hear it’s a lot of fun.

If you do any or all of these, put the money you save towards your credit cards to pay them off more quickly.  Doing this will save you in interest charges, which will be considerable.  A frequent rebuttal for adopting habits like this is that it’s too hard.  It’s, actually, not that hard.  It just takes a little engagement and planning and before you know it, it’ll be second nature.

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