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10/27 Groceries & Menu

  October 30, 2013  |    #Live Fabulously

We talk a lot about managing our grocery budget.
It makes achieving financial goals easier.  As
of 2012, the average household spends 9% of its income on groceries
.  This doesn’t include eating out (restaurants,
shops or work/school cafeteria), household products or pet food.  This is a significant portion of our budgets.

Week of 10.27.13 Menu

Grocery List for Week of 10/27/13

Week of 10.27.13 Grocery List

Menu for Week of 10/27/2013

The two of us spend $100-$150 a week on groceries.
We used to shop at several stores seeking the maximum discounts
possible.  Since they were all close by, this worked.  Since then we’ve moved and a Sprouts opened near us this summer.  We do most
of our grocery shopping there now.

We base our weekly menu on sale items.  We upload
Sprout’s online sales flyer and pull up our Grocery List and Menu templates.  After doing an inventory of leftovers from the
previous week and reviewing what’s for sale the current week, we create our

Knowing what we want to buy and approximately how much it costs helps us stay within our
budget.  Always being aware of what food
we have at home helps reduce the amount of food we discard.  Finally, having our menu planned and our
grocery shopping complete on the weekend makes life easier.  It requires less thinking and errands throughout
the work week.

We’ve included copies of our grocery list, menu and receipt from this week.  The green items on our menu are food leftover
from last week.

2 responses to “10/27 Groceries & Menu

  1. Great idea.

    I love that you sit down together and make a menu weekly menu from the flyer deals. We use the Flipp app which has all the flyers and can be used in the store for price matching as well as Checkout 51 which gives tyou the coupon price but after the shopping trip is done.

    1. Wow, those sound really cool. We will have to check them out. There no point in paying full price for everything at the grocery store when there are plenty of ‘loss leaders’ that can fill our basket and tummies. 😉

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Ready to shed the emotional & financial burdens of debt?