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4 Tips for an Inexpensive Date

  October 24, 2013  |    #Live Fabulously

Let’s face it, dating is hard.  It’s especially hard if you’re seeing someone new and you’re trying to impress them.  For those in more established relationships, it’s hard to keep things exciting.  Often times impressing people and being exciting mean spending money.  What’s a couple to do on a date and not break the bank?

More isn’t necessarily better.  Neither party wants to have “buyer’s remorse” the next day, especially if you’re already going to be hung over.  That makes dating more difficult and less fun.  We have four tips to keep dating not-so-expensive (NSE).

#1 Look for NSE or free offers.  Many cities and towns have a website or a page in the local newspaper listing NSE or free events.  These can include farmer’s markets, a free day at the museum, discounts to local restaurants or art-house movies, art shows and festivals.  The key is to know your budget and stick to it.  You’re buying an experience, not things.

#2 Coupons rule!  Whether from your Sunday newspaper, Groupon or The Entertainment Book, look for coupons that give worthwhile discounts to activities you enjoy or want to try.  Stick to your budget and don’t only use a coupon because you have it.  Do something you know the two of you will enjoy, but do be adventurous.  Discounts for knitting lessons might not cut it.

#3 Staying home is enjoyable.  A homemade dinner followed by a movie can be as fun as going out.  Cook dinner together or surprise your partner with a dinner.  Stream a free movie from Netflix or Hulu.  Play cards or another game.  This combination is sure to be enjoyable for the two of you and your wallets.

#4 Be outside and active.  Not only is this good advice for staying physically fit, it’s good for s taying financially fit.  Go for a nice walk in your neighborhood or nearby park.  Go for a long bike ride to the other side of town.  Have a picnic.  Visit all the monuments in your town or city.  Go jogging together.  There are a lot of activities that can be done outside that are NSE or free.

There are many options for you and your partner to enjoy each other and not spend your life-savings.  The keys are to be creative, know your budget and stick to it.  Follow these tips only if you’re not trying to chase the other person away.  Then, make sure everything is expensive and that they pay.  Sarcasm off.

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