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We’re excited to be invited back to the @Experian_US #CreditChat tomorrow, Wednesday, August 26th at 3 PM ET. The episode’s topic is Smart Tips for Investing. Click the link to get all the information you need to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

This week we’ll be joined by Douglas Boneparth, CFP Board Ambassador and VP of Life and Wealth Planning, and Rod Griffin, Director of Public Education @Experian_US, along with the fun Mike Delgado, the @Experian_US Social Media Community Manager.

The Google Hangout today did not work, so we switched to a cool new platform called Blab. It is at 

Here is the full playback of our investing chat video. 

This episode we’ll discuss the ways to join and be a member of the investing class. We often talk about the need to join the investor class so you’re not solely reliant on employment income to reach your financial goals. This is sure to be a fun and informative discussion to help you put theory into action.

As you may recall, we were a part of the @Experian_US #CreditChat, Back to School Shopping on a Budget. We had a great discussion with Mike and the smart Debbi King about how to not let back to school put you back into debt. Tomorrow’s #CreditChat will be just as lively and educational.

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