10 Things We’re Thankful for in 2015

Thankful for So Much

The year book-ended between last Thanksgiving and tomorrow was awesome for The Debt Free Guys. It was tons of fun and lots of work. We learned more and made amazing connection with peeps like us and our followers. To exercise an attitude of gratitude this thankful Thanksgiving, below is a list of the top ten things we’re most grateful for in 2015.


 The number of Debt Free Guys’ followers has grown exponentially. Anyone who’s started their own business knows that at times it feels like you’re alone on an island. The tide has turned for us and it’s affirming and exciting.

 Friends and Family

 We must give special props to our friends and family who have supported us and forgiven us and our hectic, unreliable schedules. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to cancel or reschedule engagements because of Debt Free Guys.


 We knew FinCon15 would be awesome, but we had no idea how awesome. We liken it to a Sci-Fi nerd spending their entire life in their mom’s basement watching Sci-Fi movies and reading comic books and then one day going to their first Star Trek convention. We found our people.


 We only just started doing videos when GoBankingRates.com asked us to participate in their FinCon15 video contest. What?! Someone wanted to highlight our mad video skills? We obliged and this kicked off a kickass partnership.


 One day I was inspired to write a Back-to-School Shopping piece and pumped out a post in an hour. Shortly after it posted, Experian emailed and asked if we’d participate on their #CreditChats. Yes! We’ve now done two #CreditChats with more coming. Most importantly, the partnerships, the friendships, are off the hook. Special shout out to Mike Delgado and Christina Roman!


 In June, we had yet another meeting with a PR/marketing person. This was our fifth from a pool of disappointing candidates. Quite honestly, we weren’t expecting much. Man we were wrong! We met Carleen Clearwater of Kickass Marketing & Creative and she was hungry. This meeting was different than the previous meetings and the results are showing.

 Emma Johnson

 Emma said, “Why are you competing with Dave Ramsey? You’ll never beat him. Find your niche and talk to them.” Thank you.

 Gerri Detweiler

 Gerri said, “We need to get you syndicated,” and she did. In our first two weeks, we’ve been syndicated on Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Time’s Money.com and numerous other sites. This has broadened our reach and we couldn’t be happier.

 This list isn’t exhaustive. Quite honestly, we could go on and on and on and on . . . . , but Google’s optimal word count is 600. Lucky are those with more gratitude than Google will allow.


 Despite all our successes, we’ve had our down days. Some days we wonder why we wake up at 4:30 AM or why we both work two full-time jobs. Those are rare days, but they happen. Thankfully we’ve persevered and stuck with it. The rewards have been greater than any extra hour of sleep would be.

 Miracle Morning

 Another reason we wake so early is The Miracle Morning. We were given two copies of this book by our inspirational friend, Stephen Christopher. If you aren’t following Stephen, you should. If you’re not doing The Miracle Morning, there’s a good chance you live sucks a little more than it should. You only get one life and living it mediocre sucks. We dare you to try The Miracle Morning and not raise your game.

 Here’s to another year of gratitude! What are you grateful for?

Is the awesome life you always dreamed of
still somewhere over the rainbow?

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  • MrRicket 25 / 11 / 2015 Reply

    I am physced about having 30 followers to my blog. I know you politely smile, but hey, baby steps 😀


    • David Auten 02 / 12 / 2015 Reply

      That is awesome! You do have to start small, but don’t keep taking baby steps. 🙂

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