Ten Painless Money Resolutions You Can Keep!


We have developed a great relationship with Rage Monthly a magazine distributed throughout many of the larger cities in the US, catering to the LGBT community. We think that these 10 money tips are worth another look just a few months into the new year.

It’s a new year and time for a new you! Though in 2014 you looked fabulous, dancing shirtless amongst the boys at the new year’s eve “gayla,” you don’t quite have that six pack any more… and your bank account is as red as Santa’s velour suit. For 2015, it’s time to reclaim that chiseled paunch and set yourselves on the road to financial prosperity. To help avoid being a February failure, we’ve compiled a list of ten painless resolutions to make you financially fabulous by 2016:

1. Increase Retirement Account Contributions By $25 a Month

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