Want a Ragin’ Holiday? Here’s 3 Ways to Ensure You Do

Holiday Fun with Rage Magazine

The Debt Free Guys write for a few different platforms. Rage Magazine is a gay magazine, distributed in San Diego and LA, for which we write. It is a uniquely fun platform because we’re all gay and John’s mind is a little twisted, so Rage Magazine lets us get a little saucier than we can on the other platforms for which we write.

Rage Magazine asked us to contribute to their Holiday 2015 issue and write about how to survive the holidays Debt Free Guys-style. That was a topic already on our minds, so it was easy to write and the ideas flowed like wine from a bottle. We’ve been contemplating why this time of year us so stressful for so many and why any resolutions remaining this late in the year are killed dead only to be brought back to life the next year like Dr. Drake Ramoray.

Rage Magazine Snippet

As merry as the holiday season is, it can be cursed. The numbers on our scales increase and conversely, the numbers in our bank accounts decrease – a month filled with expiration dates for both diets and budgets.

It’s around Thanksgiving when what little remained of our New Year’s Resolutions (that which Halloween hasn’t already ruined) totally go out the window. Between family and work expectations, there’s “one” pot luck here and “only one” dinner there with “just one $20 White Elephant to save money and still celebrate the holidays” here and “only one” more there . . . Except that I have like five $20 White Elephants with people I barely know. That’s $100 dollars on gifts for strangers, probably in need of nothing more than attention.

Give our west coast friends some luv and read our full Rage Magazine contribution here on page 40. 

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