2016 Queer Money Series

Are you tired of twisting beige financial advice to suit your rainbow money needs? Do you have questions about how you, as an out and proud individual, should manage your money to fit your unique needs? Do you know what the financial nuances of being LGBT mean to your financial wellness?

The Debt Free Guys present “Queer Money,” a personal finance series tailored specifically for the LGBT community. There needs to be a gay voice in the personal finance space who speaks for us. The Debt Free Guys are that voice.

The Queer Money Show is a podcasts on iTunes and SoundCloud. Queer Money videos are on the Debt Free Guys’ YouTube ChannelQueer Money podcasts and videos are also on our Queer Money page at DebtFreeGuys.com and Queer.Money.

David Auten and John Schneider are personal finance authors, bloggers and speakers for DebtFreeGuys.com with over thirty-five years of combined experience in finance. Their work has appeared in Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Time, The Christian Science Monitor and Investopedia to name a few. Their show and podcast, Queer Money, is the only show talking about the financial nuances of the LTBTQ community. Their mission is to build a financially strong queer community.

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Queer Money began as a series on Blab.im and was the foundation of the new video and audio podcasts. Click the image below to watch and read more.


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