Queer Money: Queer Cities

Queer Cities

On this Queer Money, we compared first, second and third-tier cities for the queer community. Are top-tier queer cities, such as NYC, Chicago and LA, better homes for the queer community than second and third-tier queer cities, such as Pittsburg, Denver and Atlanta?

Queer Cities Video

As they say in show business, “The show must go on!” Unfortunately, in this case our live video feed from Blab.im is “STILL” showing as processing. Thus we do not have any video content available for this week’s Queer Money episode on queer cities. We made a second attempt to record this conversation on Blab.IM and it failed. So, on with the rest of the post.

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Queer Cities Guest

  • Stephan Bontrager is currently the director of Riverlife Public Spaces in Pittsburgh PA. He previously worked for 91.3 WYEP and PULSE – Pittsburgh’s Urban Leadership Service Experience. Stephan lives in Pittsburgh with his husband and daughter. Stephan is originally from Denver CO.

Queer Cities Show Notes

Queer Cities Conclusion

While top-tier cities have the appeal of more excitement and opportunity, they can have long-term financial consequences. With social media and dating apps, the globe is much smaller today than even ten years ago. Consider what it is you really want out of life and choose your home accordingly.

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