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You’ve made the commitment to get your finances in order. You’ve landed a solid job after you spent the last several years earning your degree. Life is going well. Now you just need to payoff student loans faster. Your long-term goal is to save and invest for your future; save for a house and family. If you can payoff student loans faster, everything else will fall into place.

There’s one problem. You have 20 years of student loan payments at 6.00%. Next to your credit card interest rate, this is the highest rate you have. What can you do? We have the solution.

SoFi Can Help You Payoff Student Loans Faster

We’ve partnered with the amazing people at SoFi. SoFi’s goal is to help people achieve their financial goals by paying off debt as fast as possible with reasonable rates. SoFi can help you refinance federal and private loans to variable and fixed rates considerably lower than current standards. If you lower your rate, you could reasonably payoff student loans faster by as much as 50 percent or more. This will help you move onto other financial goals, such as getting married and buying a house, much more quickly.

The people at SoFi are friendly and helpful. We know! We’ve spent a lot of time with them. SoFi’s team members truly have their customers’ best interest in mind. They’re passionate about what they do and we’re passionate about their passion. We know they can help many Debt Free Guys’ readers. It’s for this reason that we established an affiliate relationship with SoFi.

Why We Love SoFi

There is more than one reason to love SoFi. In addition to helping their members attain more favorable interest rates to payoff student loans faster, they offer unemployment protection. This means if you refinance with SoFi and unfortunately lose your job, they will pause your pay and help you find a new job. This makes sense because it’s mutually beneficial that you maintain employment.

This is yet another reason to love SoFi. They also offer career support, which includes interview coaching, resume review and negotiating tactics.

Better yet, SoFi is a community. They understand that you may not want to wait 15 to 30 years to start your dream business. You have a great idea now and are passionate to get it started. Well, SoFi can help. They have an Entrepreneur Program for innovators and creators. This Entrepreneur Program includes loan deferment (yes, the student loan mentioned above), mentorship and peer support, as well as access to investors.

Finally, it’s easy to work with SoFi. Their online application process is simple and their live, customer service is available to answer all your questions and concerns seven days a week. This is way more support than you’ll ever get from your current student loan provider.

Take it from us. SoFi is awesome. In fact, as I was writing this, I said to David that I could work for SoFi I like them so much. If you want to payoff student loans faster, including personal loans, visit SoFi at this link and get on the path to financial freedom today!

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  • Garrick Bradley 27 / 02 / 2016 Reply

    Great information about Sofi! As a recent graduate, student loans take a chunk out of my income and refinancing loans give the ability to lower the loan. Getting rid of student loans as fast as possible is quite crucial to increase your purse!

    • David Auten 09 / 03 / 2016 Reply

      Thanks Bradley. We completely agree. It is sad that so many students were not more aware of the financial burden they were taking on, but companies like Sofi can help lighten the load, which in turn can allow you to grow your assets for a better future rather than being tethered to a bank for decades.

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