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The Oscars According to Debt Free Guys

The 88th Academy Awards, or The Oscars (a.k.a. The Annual Celebrations of Moderately Talented White Hypocrites), is February 28, 2016. We love movies with explosions, car chases and potty humor as much as our dude-brethren, typically in the commando months. We, also, love movies with dialogue, symbolism and interpretation just enough to validate our elevated sense of self.

Every year, along with a small group of movie-loving-friends, we do our best to see as many Oscar contenders as possible. Only once in the twelve years we’ve been together did we see every Oscar nominated movie. That was hard and made us deeply empathetic for The Academy Members coerced with money and gifts who must watch all the year’s Oscar nominated movies. If any delicate Academy Member cares to delegate their celluloid commitments, please have your people contact our people through our contact page.

The Oscars Guide

A few years ago, the analytical DFG, David Auten, created an Oscars’ guide to plan our Oscar-watching strategy. Our typical strategy is to watch the movies with the most Oscar nods first and work our way through the movies with the fewest Oscar nods. We shared our guide with friends one year and ever since they’ve asked for each year’s iteration.

Along with who is nominated for what, we include columns to capture the cheapest means to watch each movie. Many are available on Netflix or Hulu with the cost already captured in the combined $14 we spend for these services. Knowing which movies will require a personal loan to see and which don’t helps with our fiscal planning.

Because we’re buried in Debt Free Guys’ work this year, our goal is to see all eight of the Best Movie Pictures first. On behalf of The Academy, we’d like to thank The Academy for not boring us with ten Best Movie Pictures. If we have time, we’ll see the other contenders.

Get in on the Deals and Join us for DFG Oscar Fun!

This year we want to share our Oscar’s guide to the best deals and cheapest ways to watch the nominees with you. Join in the annual fun and exercise your own fiscal planning. This is great way to stay entertained during the hibernation months. Because the most frugal ways to watch are always changing, we’ll update the DFG Oscars Guide EVERY THURSDAY. To download the guide, please provide your name and email address below.



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Drunk Oscars

On Oscar evening, I like to hunker down with a bottle of wine, let my inner Mean Gurl out of the closet and narrate the awards ceremony. This year, I’m sharing my narration on Twitter. Follow us at #DFGDrunkOscars.

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