One Year Down

John & David in downtown Denver John & David in downtown Denver

September 11th, 2013 was John’s last day with his former employer and the following day was, not only his 40th birthday, but his first day of eight months without a “real” job. It was then that The Debt Free Guys really started to focus on our long-term goal of making Debt Free Guys profitable.

Since then, we’ve maintained a major focus on Debt Free Guys. We’ve had many successes, some failures and made many changes along the way.

Our Blog Format

The major change since our beginning is our focus on only posting Debt Free Guys’ content on our blog. Initially, for many months, we posted a combination of Debt Free Guys’ content, as well as aggregated financial news from financial websites, such as CNBC, MarketWatch, Bloomberg and others. While we enjoy writing our own material, we also enjoy staying heavily engaged in economic and stock market news.

This led to the creation of our weekly #MoneyConscious Mash Up that we hope educates and entertains our readers. While we understand that economics doesn’t interest everyone, we believe it’s important for everyone to be #MoneyConscious and have, at least, a high level understanding of what’s going in the money world.

David & Friends David & Friends

To use an analogy, we don’t watch American Idol, but we at least know that Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr. aren’t stopping American Idol from getting clobbered by The Voice.

How that’s useful information, we don’t know.

Our Books and Newsletter

Also, since our beginning, we’ve published three eBooks, #MoneyConscious Student, #Do You Know How to Be #MoneyConscious? and #MoneyConscious Financial Planning Guide: 12 Steps to a Richer You. We’re amazed with the reception and success of these books. In fact, #MoneyConscious Financial Planning Guide premiered at #9 on iTunes Business & Personal Finance List. This has been exciting and inspiring for us.

Finally, we’ve started a free newsletter so our readers don’t miss a post and to share unique content not available on our blog. In fact, subscribers of our newsletter receive a free copy of #Do You Know How to be #MoneyConscious?

Our newsletter is distributed twice a month. One of the monthly newsletters highlights previously posted articles with a theme, such as retirement or investing. The second newsletter of the month includes completely unique material, including a personal update from The Debt Free Guys (not always money related), quick tips to help our readers with their personal finances and a food and grocery section by Chef Natalie.

Our Long-Term Goal

The reason for all of this, however, is to eventually and finally publish our now ten year project, 4: The Four Principles of a Debt Free Life. 4 is scheduled for release on Friday, January 2, 2015 and is the result of what we learned after we finally decided to rid ourselves of our financial debts. Through that process and with our experience in financial services, we decided that there are four simple principles to help people avoid and stay out of debt.

John in a familiar look. John in a familiar look.

Leading up to our moment of clarity, we were making our personal financial situation much harder than it needed to be. We figured if we shared these four, simple principles with others we could help them take control of their financial lives and, consequently, their personal lives.

Having never published a book before, we thought writing a book was the hard part. Wrong! Getting a book published is the hard part. It took us two years to write 4, then eight years to do everything else. Of course, we weren’t as consistent with our efforts as we are now. Much of that is our fault.

Since writing 4 we’ve created a platform for ourselves, created a brand and established a reputation. While that is all beneficial, we are excited to release 4 next month to help the very people that inspired us to getting into the personal finance space to begin with.

Our Future

We have a few eBooks that we’re working on for 2015 and have a traditional book we’re outlining now. It’s too soon to know when that will be released. We’re also working on a video series and possible YouTube channel. These may start before 2015. We’ll see.

The last year has been a lot of work, which increased since John went back to work full-time at a “real” job. We receive enough signs to know that we’re heading in the right direction. Because of that, we’re excited to see what the next year holds for Debt Free Guys.

We hope you are, too.

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