Debt Free Guys on Money Nerve Radio with Bob Wheeler

Bob Wheeler of Money Nerve was gracious enough to give The Debt Free Guys time on his radio show. We appreciate Bob giving us time on his platform. As our readers know, Bob was a Debt Free Guys’ Money Master. Bob’s money philosophy is in line with ours and we’re energized with symbiotic relationships such as this. We recorded this show this past July, but through the power of radio it just recently aired. Money magic!

Listen to our Money Nerve here, originally on Dreamvisions 7 Radio: 1510am WMEX Boston on Sunday, October 25th at 3pm PT/ 6pm ET.

Bob Wheeler of Money Nerve and David Auten and John Schneider of The Debt Free Guys come from different backgrounds. Bob Wheeler is a CPA in LA and works with many high-profile, Hollywood clients. The Debt Free Guys are in brokerage and advisory services in Denver and don’t have clients. Ironically, however, we all have similar philosophies on getting out and staying out of debt and living our best lives. Join us as we talk about how to achieve your goals, live debt free, have fun and be Money Conscious.

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