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Last night, David and I did a guest appearance on the Money Mastermind show. The Money Mastermind Show is hosted by Glen Craig of Free from Broke, Miranda Marquit of Planting Money Seeds, Peter Anderson of Bible Money Matters and Tom Drake of Canadian Finance Blog. We all talked about the power of positive thinking and money.

Do you struggle financially? Do you often find yourself depressed because of your money or lack thereof? Are you stressed about your bills or sending your children to college? In today’s world, we’re spread so thin, especially with our money. Our finances can be a constant source of negativity.

We were once there, too. The Debt Free Guys had over $51,000 in credit card debt and were living in a basement apartment, even though we were two thirty-something professionals making decent money. When our peers started to pass us by financially, we realized something was really wrong. The first thing we had to change, was our thinking.

In this episode of The Money Mastermind Show, we discuss that power of changing your thinking and how that change in thinking can lead to a change in behavior. This change in behavior can lead to turning your financial situation around.

Watch this Money Mastermind video and learn how the power of positive thinking can empower your financial life today.

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  • Denise 02 / 09 / 2015 Reply

    Hi Guys, you hit on my favorite topic positive thinking. I’m a great believer and it’s something I practice daily. It does take a big commitment but the rewards are worth it. Once we started to practice positive thinking, it was the start of our journey out of debt. We are fortunate in that the rewards had a knock on effect throughout our lives and our family.

    • David Auten 03 / 09 / 2015 Reply

      We are there with you Denise. My life really turned around when I started looking at things positively. Sometimes that means just looking for the better option then what will take you down a negative path. I find that gratitude is the best way to turn it all around. BTW, congrats on getting your blog up and running! We are revamping the Money Master program, we will have you on shortly. 😉

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