LGBT Family Planning Chat with CentSai

LGBT Family Planning with CentSai and The Debt Free Guys

Yesterday kicked off a week long discussion that our good friends at CentSai are hosting about LGBT family planing. This kickstarts CentSai’s month-long discussion about love, relationships and family based topics.

Family and financial planning for the LGBT community is unique. Many in the LGBT community are kicked out of their families when they come out. They need to find resources to survive. Preparing for and having a family poses their own obstacles and expenses. Long-term care for those in the LGBT community who are single and without children causes a lot of stress to the older folks in our community. These are some heavy topics that we’ll starting covering with our Queer Money Blab.IM series that starts later this month.

CentSai will tackle love, relationships and family basics for the LGBT community this whole week, followed by the rest of the month when they cover the general population as a whole. The grand finale for this week is the #CentSaiChat on Twitter.

#CentSaiChat Details

The Debt Free Guys will join CentSai and Jessica Ozar at 1 PM EST this Friday, February 5th at #CentSaiChat to discuss LGBT family planing. Don’t miss out on this important discussion this Friday and throughout the month of February.

Click here to watch the live stream.

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