Frugal Fun for a #MoneyConscious Summer in Denver

We love frugal fun! So, when a colleague of mine sent an email the other day, I new I had to share it with our Debt Free Guys’ readers. My colleague, Deahna, like us, is Money Conscious, likes to save money and have fun. Each year she compiles a massive list of things to do in Denver that are free or cheap. Her exhaustive list will save our fellow Denverites hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, this summer.

This list includes 15 pages of free and cheap concerts, including City Park’s Jazz in the Park, where you’ll find The Debt Free Guys most Sunday evenings. Deahna’s list includes over 50 free or cheap family-friendly movies that, yes, includes Frozen. There are four pages dedicated to “Kid Events” to motivate your kids to do something other than play on their phones this summer.

Did you know there are five different car shows in the Denver Metro Area? Deahna does. There’s a festival that celebrates everything from next weekend’s Pride to that American territory, Puerto Rico, including the Taste of Colorado. Finally, find a free day to visit The Denver Botanic Gardens, The Denver Art Museum or, yes, The Denver Firefighter’s Museum and The Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

If you are a follower of The Debt Free Guys, you know that we encourage you to have a monthly calendar of planned activities that are free or cheap to cut costs, have fun and focus on either paying off debt or building wealth. That’s why Deanna’s 2015 Free and Cheap Happenings in Metro Denver is Debt Free Guys’ Certified. In addition to our recommendations of neighborhood pizza nights, family game nights, pot luck picnics and good ol’ fashioned book reading, this summer could be the cheapest summer of fun ever.

For all our friends in Denver and anyone visiting Colorado this year, here is your list of activities that will help you have an awesomely fun time in Denver without breaking the bank.

If you live in Denver, please share other cheap, free and fun ideas in the comment section below.  Out-of-state fans, we would love to hear about your super saving tips for frugal fun this summer. What cheap or free activities are going on in your area?

Lastly . . . thanks, Deahna!

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