FinCon 15 or Bust!

We couldn’t be more excited today! Later this afternoon we’re flying to Charlotte, NC for FinCon 2015. FinCon is a four-day conference of personal finance professionals. This is its sixth year and The Debt Free Guys’ first year.

FinCon is billed as “a peer conference for the money media community”. Its mission is ” to support the movement that is reaching millions of people with a positive money message.” It’s probably not hard to figure that we’re both very passionate about this topic. I mean, it’s why we do this.

Due to our own financial struggles and the tenuous economy since 2008, it’s apparent that there aren’t enough financial professionals reaching out to everyday Americans to help them with their personal finances. Schools, businesses and governments don’t value teaching personal money management. The Debt Free Guys do. FinCon does.

Over these four days, we’ll be attending a few keynote speeches, many seminars and participating on a panel discussion. Yes, someone thinks it’s a good idea to put us on stage. All of these educational opportunities are designed to challenge our thinking on personal finance, help us grow as personal finance professionals, polish us as writers and be better business managers.

No doubt the educational opportunities will be valuable. Even more exciting for us is meeting old friends in the personal finance space, making new friends, and generally networking with like-minded individuals.

All of this will make us better and help us provide our readers with more valuable help, guidance and content, whether via our blog, videos, webinars or books. We, also, expect that this will help us run a better business so that we can devote 100 percent of our time to our passion.

Keep up with our adventures on the Debt Free Guys FinCon page, Facebook page and Twitter feed. We’ll share a recap of our most exciting moments and most valuable learnings in a recap on Wednesday, September 30th.

Until then, wish us well.

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  • Have a great time! I unfortunately won’t be able to attend next year so I will just have to wait until FinCon16!

    • David Auten 23 / 09 / 2015 Reply

      It was awesome! So incredibly motivating. We have so much energy and are full of ideas! It is in San Diego next year. Think you can make it?

  • Millennial Money Man 16 / 09 / 2015 Reply

    I hope you guys have a GREAT time! Couldn’t make it this year, but we will meet up next year for sure!!! Be cheap my friends.

    • John Schneider 17 / 09 / 2015 Reply

      Thanks and we look forward to meeting you.

    • David Auten 23 / 09 / 2015 Reply

      You missed out on a great time. We met so many cool, fun, frugal and motivating people. It sure was worth the funds. #FINCON16 will be in San Diego. You can’t beat that. 😛

  • SavvyJames 17 / 09 / 2015 Reply

    Have a great time, my friends.

    • David Auten 23 / 09 / 2015 Reply

      It would have been great to have seen you there! We met so many great people and are completely pumped up now! Will you be coming next year?

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