We are so excited about our first year attending FinCon. FinCon 2015 will be the most prominent personal finance pros conference to date. Hundreds of personal finance bloggers, authors and media will be there. We look forward to meeting old and making new friends. We look forward to learning a lot and, maybe, sharing a little about what we know.

Also, thanks to the great Barbara Friedberg, we’re fortunate enough to be speaking our first year attending. This will be our first, official public speaking gig and it will be one of many. For FinCon 2015, we will be joining a few other speakers, along with Barbara, on Friday, September 18th for a guest panel to discuss “The Best Kept Secrets of Self-Publishing a Book”.

Because we’re so excited about meeting all sorts of great people, The Debt Free Guys are hosting the DFG Unwind Sunday evening after the conference. If you’re attending FinCon 2015 and will be around Sunday night, please connect with us for more details.

Please come back to our FinCon 2015 page from now and through the conference to keep track of all the excitement. We’ll be sure to post regular updates.

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DFG Unwind Happy Hour

After five days of packing our brains full of the what’s what for personal finance bloggers and revving up the networking with the who’s who at FINCON 2015, we are going to unwind at Mimosa Grill for happy hour on Sunday after the close of the conference. We would like to invite any other conference attendees staying one last night to join us on Sunday. Who knows we might get crazy and NOT talk about finance or blogs or ebooks and just relax and enjoy beautiful downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. Although…if we can muster up the energy we might video our Monday Money Minute video blog live from happy hour and anyone there is invited to join.

There is a Panther’s home game that day and their stadium is downtown only a few blocks from the conference center and conference hotel where we are all staying. We hear through the grapevine that it will be crazy downtown at most pubs and sports bars. We have scoped out the Mimosa Grill for our gathering spot, because it should be less packed and will have room for us and our FINCON friends. If you want to connect with us there, just come on over. Nothing official, we just wanted to have the chance to spend time with the awesome people we meet at the conference. Connect with us @debtfreeguys on twitter for more info or questions.

Sunday, September 20, 4-6 p.m.

Mimosa Grill
327 S Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28202
(704) 343-0700

GOBankingRates Launches 2015 Video Contest: Win $1,000 in 1 Minute

Watch-a-video-below-to-raise-your-money-IQThis is our first year speaking at FINCON and as personal finance pros living the debt free life, we don’t make a decision to spend money on travel and travel expenses lightly. But, recently we have made a conscious decision to really commit to making The Debt Free Guys a success. So, we are taking advantage of every amazing opportunity that being a part of the speaker line-up has presented us.

The launch of’s 2nd annual #MoneyMinute Challenge Video Contest was perfect timing for us. The contest is actually is open to all personal finance bloggers, journalists, and enthusiasts, but the winner is being announced at FINCON 2015, so we couldn’t resist. In the last few months, our marketing pro Carleen Clearwater, Kickass Marketing and Creative, has been coaching (ok maybe strong arming us) to convert some of our weekly blogs into video blogs. Too be honest, we didn’t think we would like it, but it has been a lot of fun and it feels great to connect with our readers/viewers on a more personal level. We converted our Monday Money Minute blog into a video series – so how could we NOT anti-up a few of our fan faves for a chance to win $1000? Below are links to our video entries. Voting is closed (if you voted for us thanks!), but keep your fingers crossed for us in September when they pick the winners.