Finance Roadshow to Pride Weekend

June is Pride Month, as the gayest President since Buchanan declared earlier this month. This is normally the time of year when the gays get nipped, tucked, pulled and plucked to present the best versions of themselves for anyone who cares and doesn’t. This coming weekend is Pride in Denver. Not too many years ago, we, ourselves, would be shopping and researching and planning for the best weekend of our lives (well, till next Pride). This, invariably, led us to spend more money than we earned and left us with large credit card debt payments the remainder of the summer.

That was then, this is now isn’t just a Monkey’s song. Our preparation for Pride Weekend this year is to participate in Phroogal’s Road to Financial Wellness on Friday, June 19th, organized by the Denver Financial Education Community.

The Road to Financial Wellness is a cross-country road trip and social media campaign to make personal finance discussions national discussions. The purpose is to inspire Americans of all walks of life, income brackets, levels of education and backgrounds to take control of their financial lives and live their dream lifestyle.

Our friend, Jason Vitug of, along with his business partners, started their journey on June 15th in Portland, Maine. In total, they’ll visit 30 cities across the country until they end up in Los Angeles, California. See if Jason’s visiting your city.

Denver is fortunate enough to be visited by this gang of merry money experts this Friday. While Denver celebrates our differences and uniquenesses, we also celebrate our commonality. One characteristic of that commonality is the need for each of us take responsibility of our personal finances. We all must balance our budgets, manage our cash flows, reduce debt and increase savings and investments. We all must manage our money.

The Debt Free Guys will be a part of a panel discussion to educate and inform Denver residents about the wealth of personal finance information available in the Denver metro area, including local credit unions, education institutes and local personal finance bloggers. Some of our favorite personal finance bloggers, including Michelle Jackson of Shop My Closet Project, will be in attendance, as well.

Before you spend all your money on rainbowtinis and disco beats this Pride Weekend, swing by Galvanize in the Golden Triangle Area of Denver (1062 Delaware St., Denver CO 80204) between 4 PM and 7 PM for phree food, phree cocktails, phree personal phinance expertise and phabulous phriends. Register here.

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  • Honestly, I never heard about that one and I just searched it! For sure, that event would be really fun!

    • John Schneider 21 / 06 / 2015 Reply

      We had a great time on Friday night. If you’re near any of Phroogal’s future stops, check it out.

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