Credit Card Debt: A Couple’s Story

By Ben Luthi – – November 10, 2015

Credit Card Debt: Our Not So Unique Story

This week we kicked off the beginning of a great relationship with the team over at We were asked to tell our credit card debt story in a bit of a different fashion. The author of the post; Ben Luthi, asked a few questions and then juxtaposed our answers against the backdrop of many struggles, questions and statistics that many Americans with credit card debt deal with regularly.

Along with Ben’s help we share how we struggled with denial, how we used balance transfers as a tool to help pay off our debt faster, but also warning of a major pitfall. In addition he shares the treacherous habit of bumping up against the maximum balance on a card, which David struggled with for a number of years, keeping him in debt and suffering for much longer than necessary.

It’s not all a sad story though, since as many of you know, we paid off our $51,000 in credit card debt. How did we do it? The article includes 4 great recommendations that will help you power through your debt issues and get pumped about paying off your debt.

Thank you, Ben for including us!

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