Gay Sitges, Spain: Debt Free Guys Travel

Continuing our fun and fabulous travel destinations series, our next amazing vacation was gay Sitges, Spain. I know you expected me to say Ibiza in relation to Spain. While Ibiza was fun and very gay, despite celebrating our straight friends’ marriage in Ibiza, Sitges trumps Ibiza by far. David had been to Sitges before and 

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Know Your Goals

One of my nieces, Meghan, recently visited London. She’s 19 and this was her first international trip. All the while she was across the pond, she text me pictures and commentary. She had a great time and I’m so happy for her. David and I love to travel. Travel is one of our two main 

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Our NSE Weekend Get-a-Way

Last weekend I surprised David with a weekend trip to Winter Park, CO, a mountain and ski town about 78 miles west of Denver. It’s our favorite mountain because it maintains a small town feel and isn’t too touristy. 

As we maintain a debt free lifestyle, we must be #moneyconscious even when we treat ourselves. 

7 Tech Savvy Tips for the Money Conscious Traveler

It is still only January and we think most everyone, at this point, wants to escape the cold and snow for someplace warm and tropical.  When you were stranded in traffic Tuesday night or scraping ice off your car windows this morning weren’t you wishing you could click your heels and ride that rainbow to a sunny beach and refreshing drink?  We were.  The epic flu season and perpetual school cancellations are not helping, either.  Calgon, take us away!