Saving Money and Calories at the Grocery Store

As most of our readers know, we buy most of our groceries at Sprouts, a local farmer’s market chain with stores in the west and southwest.  Sprouts is filled with mostly fresh produce and natural meats at reasonable prices to help us save money.  They do have some natural and organic processed foods.  Their processed food section, though, doesn’t even take up a third of the store.  We do most of our own cooking from scratch, so this isn’t a big deal.  See why this saves us money and keeps us healthy.

8 DIY Men’s Grooming Products for Tops

DIY Men’s Grooming Products are Better and Economical Whether for the holidays, a birthday or just because, DIY men’s grooming products are great gifts for your man and yourself. Gay’s too often spend too much money on name brand products because we’re sold on status when natural and organic DIY men’s grooming products are healthier, better and more 

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Were You Blue Monday? Sticking with Your Resolutions

In addition being Martin Luther King Day last Monday, January 19th, it was “Blue Monday”. That’s because experts claimed it was the unhappiest day of the year. This was due to a combination of factors, including being in the midst of a dearth of holidays, the gloominess of the winter season, failed resolutions and financial and weight struggles.

42 Meals for Less Than $100

Remember when you were in college? Ramen and mac-n-cheese were diet staples because you could hardly afford anything else. Well, you couldn’t afford anything but beer. 

Those days bring back fond memories. We buckled down when we needed. We took full class loads, crammed at the end of the semester for finals and still went out four nights a week. In addition, I held down a part-time job and worked 20 hours a week. This made me think of how when we really want to do something, we figure out how to do it. 

10 Daily Habits to be Happier, Healthier and Wealthier

Being happy, healthy and wealthy doesn’t happen accidentally. As Napoleon Hill said, “No one drifts to success.” Being happy, healthy and wealthy are all things we can control. You may not go from being 20 pounds overweight, depressed and in debt to svelte, wildly rich and joyous overnight. You do, however, have the daily opportunity go further down the road to success.   

What We Learned On Our 30 Day Challenge

While everyone from Oprah to Britney to the CNBC staff and even my ex girlfriend has accepted and participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge, we did our own challenge. Our challenge focused on being more productive, reducing our expenses and being healthier. We decided to go thirty days without a single drink of wine, beer or liquor. Yikes! That was more shocking to our system than any bucket of ice could be. We’ve done cleanses before when we went two weeks without drinking, but 30 days is the longest we have gone without drinking since our teens or twenties (David was a late bloomer). What we learned was interesting and valuable for us, so we thought we’d share.

The High Cost of Smoking

We’ve been quite social this summer, maybe too social with both of us working full time and sharing the Debt Free Guys workload. Anyway, the combination of our social life and travels has introduced and reacquainted us with a lot of people. What has surprised us this summer is the high number of cigarette smokers and smokers battling an illness or terminal disease. This made us wonder about the financial impact on smokers because of this habit.