Cold Weather Tips

The cold and snow in the Northeast and Midwest is getting frustrating to say the least.  Money Conscious consumers should be aware that because of the extreme and extended cold, energy prices are expected to increase.

What can you do?

123456 is the Most Popular Online Password and a Hacker’s Dream

What recent data breaches have shown is that we’re not good at creating passwords that are even remotely challenging to a hacker.  “123456” has replaced “password” as the most popular online password in the U.S. After Target’s data breach, we recommended changing all online passwords, including bank and investment accounts, email, phone, bills, etc.  When 

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Visualize and Socialize Your Debt Free Commitment

Nearly every person, couple or family that has ever gone from drowning in debt to becoming debt free has had that moment. If you’ve had it, you know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t, you will. It’s that deep down, heartfelt epiphany that this is enough. “I/we can’t take it anymore!” It’s that moment when your body and mind converge to make the change. Until you’ve had that moment, it’s unlikely that you’re truly on the road to financial independence and debt free living.

10 Ways to Save

Make sure you’re in the right savings account for you. Many people made a resolution to pay off credit cards this year.  These resolutions often annually fail because people don’t plan appropriately.  The goal is to pay off credit cards, but first preparing for unexpected expenses is important.  Our number one suggestion is to first build 

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An Age-Based Salary Guide

Salary increases aren’t inevitable as we age and perpetual age. Unlike this article says, we don’t think everyone is trained to believe our salaries will continue to increase as we age until the day we retire.  What’s true, though, is that many of us don’t prepare for the reality that salary increases won’t be a 

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