30 Ways to Save $1,000 on Holiday Gifts This Year

By Alaina Tweddale – GoBankingRates.com – November 5, 2015

The great people at GoBankingRates.com continue to be amazing partners with Debt Free Guy. In the same week we shared money saving tips in an article of theirs that published on The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Philly.com and on MSN Money, we were again included in GoBankingRats.com article that’s now published on MSN Money and Time’s Money.com.

For this article, we shared one of 30 different money saving tips to save $1,000 this holiday season. That’s unheard of, right? Not with these awesome, money saving tips. Our tip won’t be hard to spot, either. We have prominent placement at #1. Be sure to give the full article a read. It’s packed with great money saving tips for everyone.

Thank you, Alaina for including us!

Our Money Saving Tip from the Story

I know it sounds tacky, but don’t worry — I won’t suggest you actually give a used gift card to loved ones. Instead, “buy discounted gift cards from your favorite stores, and then use those discounted gift cards to buy actual gifts for your friends, family and loved ones to open on Christmas Day,” said Debt Free Guys John Schneider and David Auten. “This strategy can save as little as one percent and as much as 25 percent.”

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  • These are awesome tips! Congrats on the media contributions. I’ll definitely look for discounted gift cards in the future–never even thought about it before, but I will definitely make this part of my strategy this year. Thanks!

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