Reduce or Eliminate Cell Phone Expenses

The dreaded cell phone bill. It’s become one of the family’s major expenses, with some families paying well over $300 a month. The Debt Free Guys are not immune to this either. Unfortunately we are tied to our phones for more than just our personal life. We rely heavily on the cell phone and it’s many handy tools to run our business. As shrewd business men we are also on the look out for ways to help us and you save more on your most costly expenses.

If you have access to WiFi, you have access to free phone calls and texts to almost any phone number in the world.  Free apps such as Facebook Messenger and Skype allow you to make calls without using your cellphone minutes and data when you’re using WiFi.

Further research shows that apps such as Talkatone and , textPlus, Viber and iCall offer similar services and are very popular.

Opening a free account with any of these services may help reduce or eliminate phone call, text or data charges from the bigger phone companies.  Many people pay a couple hundred dollars a month to use their phone.  Reducing this expense and funneling the savings to pay down credit card debt or save for a future expense would be helpful.

Have you tried any of these tools? Let us know what you think of them and share your tips below on ways you have cut your cell phone bill costs. Thanks in advance for your comments and check out our story on how Cell Phone Installment Plans could be ruining your financial future.

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