Early to Bed Early to Rise… Improved Our Budget

The saying goes early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise, but does that mean anything for us today and for our budgets?

The truth is this was specifically written about and for the agrarian lifestyle. If you were a farmer you had only so many hours in the day that you could work, and it was dictated by the sun. If a farmer stayed up late and slept in he could miss many valuable hours of his workday by sleeping them away. Less work would mean he would be less efficient, less efficient; less income.

The vast majority of us are no longer a part of the agrarian society. We work in offices, restaurants, out of our cars sometimes and even from the comfort of our own home. So does this still apply?

Stimulants like sugar, coffee, food, chocolate, cigarettes, or drugs keep us awake longer than our bodies would normally stay awake. All of them cost money and the longer they keep you awake the more they cost with foods being the cheapest and hard drugs being the most expensive.

To offset the stimulant and go to bed earlier than it wears off you would need a sedative such as tea, over the counter sleep aids or a prescribed sleeping pill. Again all things you would pay for and they get more expensive the more sedation required.

In addition many of the stimulants and sedatives highjack our bodies own circadian rhythm for hours or even days preventing us from being most efficient, making us tired when we shouldn’t be and overly alert when we shouldn’t. Early to bed for us today really means getting the right amount of sleep and making sure that sleep is quality sleep. Sleep has also been proven to be a key factor in reducing stress, allowing our body to defend itself from sickness and preparing our brain to be most effective. All of which will allow us to be the most efficient we can while working for someone else or on our own businesses.

We found that heeding this warning of getting the best and right amount of sleep and staying away from costly stimulants helped us focus on getting out of debt and it was getting out of debt that put us on a path to financial freedom and wealth. We really have become healthier, wealthier and hopefully much wiser.

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