This question has come up a lot for us recently.  As you can see from our autobiographies, we had $51,000 in credit card debt when we first got together.  We eventually realized that this was suffocating us and that we needed to do something about it.  So, we did.

We didn’t let this ruin us.  We didn’t give up.  We assessed our situation and collaborated on a plan to pay off our debt as quickly as possible.  Because of our drive, we were able to pay off our debts in two and a half years.  Shortly thereafter, we bought our first home and have had a great life since.

Anyone who has had a job knows that there are ups and downs.  It’s inevitable.  We’ve had the same experience with our 32 combined years in financial services.  For the last two years, one of us dealt with a difficult job situation.  It got to the point we were afraid of being forced into becoming a one-income family.  We decided that we needed to do something about it.  So, we did.

We didn’t give up.  We chose to become a one-income family, while relying on our emergency savings.  This is allowing us to aggressively pursue our dream of publishing a book.

Over the last seven years, we wrote a book about what we learned while getting out  of credit card debt.  Writing a book takes a lot of work, especially with a full-time job and a life.  We have final steps to complete on the book and need to work on marketing.  We decided that freeing one of us up to focus on these things was in our long-term best interest.  Yes, it’s a struggle now.  Yes, it’s scary.  We expect, however, bigger and brighter things in our future.  We’re turning an obstacle into an opportunity.

We’re not unique.  People overcome obstacles everyday.  Lindsey Vonn is returning to skiing after a horrific skiing accident.  Molly Brown didn’t let the sinking of The Titanic drown her.  Thomas Edison failed over 1,000 times before inventing the light bulb.  J.K. Rowling went from welfare to wealth.  Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team and then went on to become the greatest basketball player of all time.  This doesn’t include the many obstacles everyday people overcome.

Why is it that some people have drive and others don’t?  What makes some people overcome obstacles when other’s can’t?  We’re not scientists, psychologists or sociologists.   Our layman’s reason for why some people have drive is hope in the possible and determination in achieve something.

Maybe reading our personal story will provide you with hope and determination.

Is the awesome life you always dreamed of
still somewhere over the rainbow?

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